Image Gallery 2009


ThreeshotHigh Resolution Spiral GRE for fMRI

2/17/10: Figure shows a 3-shot spiral GRE acquisition with TE 25 ms and a 70 ms readout to achieve 1 mm in-plane resolution on TIM Trio. Reconstruction with SENSE factor of 1 and field inhomogeneity correction.
Collabortion with Ian Atkinson, University of Illinois Chicago




FA old youngTract based comparison of FA in young versus old subjects

10/8/09: Figure shows underlying FA image and skeletonized fiber tracks from tbss in FSL with green showing tracks with no differences, red showing tracks that have higher FA in young subjects, and blue showing regions that are higher in older subjects.







HighResHigh Resolution Brainstem

0.65x0.65x5 mm^3 diffusion tensor image of brainstem. Color-coded FA map. Red indicates Right/Left, Blue indicates Superior/Inferior, Green indicates Anterior/Posterior directed nerve fiber bundles.





TrioBayMagnet Installations at Beckman

6/2/09: Preparing for installations of Trio and Allegra 3 T systems at Beckman Institute.
Trio Bay prepped
(Install July 2009)



AllegraBayAllegra bay started
(Install Oct. 2009)








fensiASLModified FENSI blood flow

5/18/09: Blood flow image from only 8 averages







mousebrainMouse Imaging

1/13/09: In collaboration with Justin Rhodes, Art Kramer, and Boris Odintsov. Developing mouse models for neuroimaging.







surface loopCustom Developed Coil

1/12/09: In collaboration with Boris Odintsov and Harish Sharma, we were able to get the Allegra to interface with custom-built coils.



FENSIImaging Blood Flow

12/22/08: Image with flow weighting using variant of FENSI.